Why Having Family Support is Important to Recovery

Giving up a mind-altering substance is incredibly difficult for many people, especially when withdrawal is painful and when they are no longer able to suppress negative emotions with the substance. If you are closest to friends, they can participate in your treatment as well. By receiving training in administering the FDA approved opioid overdose reversal medication Narcan® (Naloxone), families can be better equipped to prevent the death of a loved one. Your loved one may be afraid or embarrassed to ask for help, so make the first move; vocalize you’re there for them and want to help them in recovery in whatever way you can.

  • Because of family support importance, addiction recovery is a team effort.
  • Family members may not have the tools on their own to assist someone in active recovery, and they may not have the energy to help themselves.
  • This seal indicates our commitment to continually elevating our standards and providing a superior treatment for substance abuse.
  • Strong support and connection can help encourage their teens to get clean and possibly reduce the rate of relapse.

Addiction makes individuals act out in ways they never usually would if they were sober. This can make family members feel abused, taken advantage of, and extremely hurt. When an individual suffering from addiction causes a lot of negative consequences to come about, family members are often left alone to pick up the pieces while their loved https://ecosoberhouse.com/article/family-support-is-crucial-in-addiction-recovery/ one goes to treatment. That is why everyone in the family should be involved in the recovery process, so that all concerns and emotions are addressed in a healthy way. Besides needing family support in tough times, family roles in addiction treatment are crucial to recovery. Addiction affects not only the user but the entire family suffers.

Stay in touch with personal joy.

We understand that everyone’s situation is unique, and this content is to provide an overall understanding of substance use disorders. These disorders are very complex, and this post does not take into account the unique circumstances for every individual. For specific questions about your health needs or that of a loved one, seek the help of a healthcare professional.

The difference between lifelong sobriety and relapse is often the amount of support a person has once they complete rehab. People must instead find ways to stay engaged and active in their recovery. It can be difficult to maintain this high level of commitment to recovery, and people who lose steam or face challenges may relapse.

Guide for Family Members

In some cases, parents start misusing drugs or alcohol to cope with their teens’ harmful use. So, parents need to be mindful of their actions and be strong examples. Having a strong support system encourages teens to seek and maintain recovery.

family support in addiction recovery

Red Oak Recovery® understands the family support importance in our clients lives, which is why we offer family therapy for addiction as part of our comprehensive treatment program. Our family counselors work with families to help them heal the wounds of addiction and build strong, healthy relationships. Families can also help with tasks such as grocery shopping, cooking meals, and doing laundry. This practical assistance can significantly help individuals focus on their recovery without worrying about the day-to-day tasks of life.

Grief Support

Whether an individual is suffering from substance abuse and/or alcohol addiction, our programs are structured to create a supportive environment where healing can begin. Therefore, they use drugs or alcohol to either avoid the problems or to cope with them. But, building healthy family roles in addiction and attending family therapy for substance use disorder encourages recovery. Addiction affects entire families, not just the individuals engaging in substance misuse. When seeking treatment, your family also needs healing and to learn how to support you in your journey.

What are family based interventions for substance abuse?

Parental monitoring, as well as youth disclosure about their whereabouts, parent child communication, positive parenting and family management strategies, e.g., consistent limit setting, and parental communication about and disapproval of substance use, have all been shown to protect against adolescent substance abuse …

There are still many harmful stigmas and stereotypes that prevent countless people from seeking help and achieving sobriety. This is primarily due to perpetuated ignorance and untrue beliefs that are passed on through generations, both within families and whole cultures. Seek out reputable resources and inform yourself of the nature of addiction and recovery. Sometimes we can be so ready to leave the pain of the addiction in the past that we start acting as if it never happened.

Family and Children’s Programs

However, family support can be a vital part of
successful recovery from addiction. Families can offer a listening ear, practical assistance, and understanding, as their loved one navigates addiction recovery. Additionally, families can seek out addiction recovery support groups to connect with other families who are going through similar experiences. While addiction recovery can be challenging, it is worth the investment for the whole family. Family members can create a sense of
community for those in addiction recovery by connecting with other families in addiction support groups. These groups can provide a sense of belonging and connection, as well as practical support.

  • The Mascot uses humor to minimize the pain in situations and to deflect hurt.
  • As members in recovery begin thinking clearly, they may feel humiliation and embarrassment for past behaviors.
  • At the same time, holding the dependent person accountable is also part of healthy family roles.
  • The people closest to the person suffering from substance use disorder are also affected, and overcoming this takes more than just getting their loved one to go to treatment.
  • They can share some of the knowledge they’ve learned from private research, support groups and therapy sessions and give their friends destigmatizing words to use instead.
  • So you receive the precise level of treatment you need for your best healing and greater chances of long-term recovery.

They can share some of the knowledge they’ve gleaned from private research, support groups, and therapy sessions. They can tell the people around them about their family’s work to overcome an addiction, and they could help to shift the nation’s conversation about addiction. These caregivers were just worn out from everything they were asked to do as their addicted family member entered treatment.

Teens also discuss the feelings of witnessing a loved one’s addiction. When teens skip school, get bad grades, and befriends other teens who misuse drugs and alcohol, it’s frustrating. Parents often worry about where their teen is and who they’re hanging out with.

Family members who spend their time in these sessions may get the help they need in order to help others, and they may find the strength and resolve that’s been missing until now. Starting off the day with a brisk run or ending the workday with a few laps in the pool may not be every family’s idea of a great time, but these exercise sessions could deliver considerable benefits. In fact, a 2014 Stress in America survey found that around 43% of adults use exercise to cope with stress. At Center For Family Services you can find a continuum of care that includes specialized services for both adults and youth interested in recovery or currently in recovery and their families. Services can help you find, maintain, and enhance their lives in recovery.

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